Refresh Express

Self-Serve Micro-Markets

REFRESH express conveniently offers hundreds of fresh food and beverage options, stocked daily to ensure the
best selection.

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Help yourself to freshness, selection and convenience with REFRESH express.

REFRESH express is a self-service retail market that is stocked daily with a virtually limitless selection of foods and beverages, including gourmet salads, entrées, wraps, sandwiches, fresh fruit, hot and cold drinks, snack products and more.

A healthier, more convenient alternative to vending machines, REFRESH express brings an entirely new level of freshness and variety to typical workplace dining.

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REFRESH the way you look at vending.

Customers can actually pick up and examine hundreds of product options before making their selections and completing their purchase with a quick, simple transaction. Most are finished in 15 seconds or less.

Custom-designed for your company's existing space, REFRESH express requires only standard electrical outlets and connections for Internet and water. No upfront investment or monthly fees are necessary to turn your break room into a refreshing oasis for employees and visitors.

REFRESH express is the most exciting new concept in workplace refreshment. Come refresh with us!

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  1. Choose
    Choose your desired products.
  2. Scan
    Scan the UPC barcodes on the kiosk's barcode scanner.
  3. Swipe
    Swipe your credit, debit, or Refresh express value card — and then enjoy!

REFRESH express offers:

  • Local quality — All fresh foods and pastries are prepared locally each day by the talented chefs at our dedicated culinary facility.
  • Diverse options — While most vending machines stock only 40 items, REFRESH express merchandises more than 130 SKUs of snacks alone. Sophisticated software analyzes purchase preferences on a daily basis to ensure that your REFRESH express is always stocked with the items that employees prefer most.
  • Convenience — Employees can visit REFRESH express at any time of day without leaving the office.
  • Eco-friendly benefitsREFRESH express uses an average of 30% less energy than traditional vending machines.
  • Safety — State-of-the-art refrigeration units are equipped with sophisticated temperature remote-monitoring systems to ensure freshness of perishables such as fresh food and milk.
  • Healthy choices — Because your employees can see and inspect their food before purchase, they are far more likely to select healthy items like fresh fruit, salads and yogurt.
  • Reliability — The only machine required is the payment kiosk, which features cutting-edge electronics and contains no moving parts.
  • IncentivesREFRESH express can markdown items during certain time periods, send discount coupons to reward a job well done or promote seasonal gifts, e.g., flowers on Valentine‚Äôs Day.

Come REFRESH with us!

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