Healthy Dining With Amerifit

American Dining Creations is one of the only corporate dining providers to directly employ nutritional consultants in the creation of fresh and healthy menu selections and we have pioneered the revolutionary “Amerifit--Healthy For Life” program. Our Amerifit program has set the industry standard in healthy corporate dining and it is the only program of its kind to be recognized by the Surgeon General of the United States

The primary mission of Amerifit is to make eating healthy at work both appealing and convenient. Our Amerifit program is fully customizable to the individual needs of our clients. Most importantly, our Amerifit program is spear-headed by a team of chefs, nutrition experts, registered dietitians, and certified health and fitness specialists who never forget the most critical ingredient to any healthy dining program: if you want people to eat healthy, you must ensure that their healthy food options still taste great! 

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